Seeing is Believing race to the Arctic

RSA employees across the globe are gearing up to compete for the chance to win the trip of a lifetime to the Arctic with WWF.

There are three ways to win the team competition:

  1. Teams can walk their way to victory in the step challenge. Each member receives a pedometer to measure their steps- the team with the most steps wins. By walking (or even running!) rather than using their cars, employees can reduce their carbon footprint and get fitter at the same time.
  2. The fundraising challenge rewards teams who raise the most money for charity. Money raised is converted into charity units - the team with the most charity units wins. Teams receive bonus units for supporting WWF.
  3. The bright green ideas challenge encourages teams to use their brainpower and creativity to come up with ideas to help make RSA a greener company. These could be ways to help RSA reduce its environmental impact, or new products or initiatives that make a positive contribution. The best idea wins and will be turned into a reality.

Interested employees need to form a team of five people and register on the Arctic Challenge intranet site from 3rd May. Teams can also use the site to chart and register their progress and find out more about Arctic species and conservation challenges.

Winning teams will have a unique opportunity to get up close with polar bears and spend time with leading WWF scientists that could change the way they think about climate change. Read Sylvie Paradis's blog - our first Seeing is Believing winner - to find out more.

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