New report promotes natural water management

Climate change is set to have a significant and lasting impact on water - both in terms of its availability, and how we respond to changing rainfall patterns. Our natural and urban environments are already suffering with heavy downpours pushing historic drainage systems to the limit.

Currently, almost four million properties in England are at risk of surface water flooding, potentially causing millions of pounds worth of damage. A new report from WWF and RSA shows how we can work with nature to reduce the risk of flooding and benefit wildlife.

The report, which will be published later in the year, demonstrates how sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) can form part of a cost-effective, integrated approach to flood and water management. It provides a blueprint for mainstream usage of SuDS in existing buildings and developments.

Drawing on examples from the UK and overseas, the report shows how towns and cities can protect themselves against flooding and improve the urban environment for people and wildlife.

Click here to read the interim findings.

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